Terms and conditions

Dear sir/ madam,

In efforts to alllow you to obtain this product, we have tried to create as comprehensible and easy general terms and conditions as possible. We did this because we believe the products we supply are good and that you wish to obtain them. In the rare event that something is wrong with our products, we believe in guaranteeing our service and attention to our customers. General terms and conditions are not the most exciting texts to read. However they are essential for you as a customer in order for you to know your rights and what you can do in the event that something is not correct.

Article 2. Who else we are
We would like to inform you that we also own the following websites: of-connect.nl, clickeasynow.com

Article 3. How you can reach us
You can reach us in the following locations:

The Netherlands
Tussendiep 21
9206AA Drachten
+31 512 778787

Article 4. Times of Operation
You can reach us 24 hours a day online. Our locations are open daily from 08:00 to 22:00 hours.

Article 5. Reach us by phone
We are available for telephone support from Monday to Sunday between 09:00 and 22:00 hours.

Article 6. Our details in numbers

BTW NL820090797B01
Bank ING Bank
IBAN NL80INGB0005842248
K.v.k 32142272

Article 7. Contents general terms and conditions
We have created our general terms and conditions so that you, our customer, know both what our obligations are as well as what your obligations are as a customer. It is possible that there are deviating conditions for a specific article. In this case, this will be clearly stated in the product description that you will see before purchasing the product. It is clear to us also that you do not wish to buy used underwear or other products that have been used before. We try to supply all our products with clear descriptions and normal clear pictures. In case something is not up to your expectations, there is no need to panic. You can return (almost) all our products within 14 days.

We believe that online shopping should be a fun experience and that receiving the products you purchased should be a real enjoyment. We do not wish to spoil this enjoyment in case something does not meet your expectations, and that you are then stuck with something you do not want. There have been rules created for cases like this these, which have partly been determined by the legislative powers.

We at ClickEasyNow adhere to these rules, and when possible, we will always try to explain these rules in favor of our clients.

We will take responsibility of our online shop. You always have the normal guarantee from the supplier in case something goes wrong from our end. We are in good contact with all the suppliers of every product we offer on our website. All the suppliers also guarantee the products. In the case something is wrong, we will try our best to solve the problem.

Article 8. What we offer
In our online-shop you can read about what you want to buy. You can see from the pictures what you can expect, and we will let you know how much this purchase costs. It will also clearly be stated whether or not you can return the item and what the terms and conditions are for exchanging and returning that particular item.

Article 9. Our agreement with you
The first step is to place the order at our shop; this is done through ClickEasyNow.com, which is a trading name for e-profilers.nl.

Once you have placed the products in your shopping basket and have indicated that you wish to purchase and pay for your order, you will see the digital receipt that shows you product details and description of your chosen product. It also includes the total price and the shipping costs that are due for payment. In addition to this, the receipt will also show you your contact information with the correct delivery address. It is important to save the confirmation email that you receive as soon as you place the order. In case you wish to return or exchange your product, this email will contain the necessary information in order to accomplish this.

Article 10. Returning and Exchanging
In case you have purchased an item and are not satisfied with it after you have tried it once, you may exchange the product within 14 days. You have to return the item in its original undamaged packaging. In the package you have received, you will find a return coupon that you will use in case you want to return an item. In case the returned product was defective, we will make all efforts to send you a replacement product within 5 working days.

You may see and test the product as if you were at a physical store. In case you return the product in an altered state, we may opt to not accept this returned product and in this case will re-send the product to you in the same manner in which we received it. In this case the costs for sending the product back to you will not be reimbursed by us. This might sound harsh, but you would not buy a product in a store with ripped packaging or that shows clear signs of use, or that is damaged to the point where it is no longer functional. We can decide together with you to offer this product in a “Sales-Environment” and will reimburse you a lower amount. However the fact remains, you have 14 days to return a product.

We will send you a replacement product within 5 working days. In case you do not want the product, we will reimburse you the purchasing price within 7 days after we have received and have accepted the return product within the above mentioned terms and conditions. Why does it take 7 days to be reimbursed? Our main office is located in Munich and at times, the banks require to transfer money from one country to another country. In most cases however, this time is limited to 5 working days.
  • When will you NOT be reimbursed or when can you not return an item?
    For clarification we would like to state that you cannot return a product in the following cases:
    When purchasing these specific items: software products, all items pertaining to printers such as cartridges and toners of which the packaging has been opened or that has been registered.
    All used or filled-out coupons. These will not be cashed out in money or payed out to bank accounts.
    All products of which a seal or lid has been opened and for which the safety of the product cannot be guaranteed anymore.
    Products that cannot be returned from a hygienic perspective, such as: earplugs, all haircare products like hairdryers, curling irons, razors in all forms and 18+ products that are to be used externally and internally and that have been removed from their original packaging.
    In case a product is damaged, the above mentioned terms and conditions are not valid in certain cases. Each article that you find in our webshop include a commentary on whether you can return it or not.

    Artikel 11. What does the product cost?
    All prices in our shop include Value Added Tax. We calculate the tariff that is calculated in the pertaining country and apply the laws and legislation thereof. The mentioned prices are always per item unless otherwise mentioned per packaging. The delivery costs differ from country to country and can also differ between products. There is also the option to receive the product faster or on a specific time to which special costs might be applicable. For more information, please check the delivery costs per article.

    Article 12. Guarantee on products.
    As mentioned earlier we offer the standard guarantee by law for our products and also offer the so called producer-guarantee. In each case, we will apply the legislation of the country and we will always try to do our best to mediate between you and the supplier. Above all things, we would like to see you back and visiting our stores in the future.

    Article 13. The Payment Process
    This is very simple. At all times we require you to pay in advance. Immediately upon receiving your payment, we will put the whole process into motion. We will enter your order into our system and everything will be done to deliver your order to the delivery department as fast as possible.

    We advice you to always check the details on the receipt before paying the order. Ask yourself: Is the delivery address correct? Are the product details of the purchase the ones you actually want to order? It would be a shame if something went wrong with these details and you would disturb the joy of opening your package because of a mispurchase.

    Article 14. Complaints and Comments.
    Of course, we hope we will not receive any complaints as this is one of the goals of our company. We want to have as many satisfied customers as possible in our online-shop. However, it is possible to file a complaint in case something has occurred that makes you feel the need to do so.

    How can I file a complaint?
    In case you are not satisfied or have a complaint, please let us know as soon as possible. We ask you to describe your complaint as clearly as possible and that you send us the following information:
    Order number
    Name and address of the recipient
    When possible, a picture to explain the complaint.
    What you would like to receive in return?
    We are affiliated to the Dutch Homeshopping Organization. In case you are not satisfied with how we handled your complaint, you can file a complaint to this organization as well. We will however, try everything possible to help you as well as we can.

    Article15. Differences
    In case we do not reach an agreement, you can always decide to file a complaint to the “Commission for Differences”. You can do this up until 3 months after filing the original complaint with us at (www.sgc.nl). In this case we believe that we will have done everything we could have done to help you solve your complaint, and we will respect your decision to take this step.

    Article 16. Differing terms or Amendments to these General Terms and Conditions.
    You have now read and understood the general terms and conditions. We have tried our best to make this as legible and comprehensible as possible. We believe this is something that everyone should understand. In case we change our terms and conditions, the latest change and date of change will always be noted above the General Terms and Conditions. Please pay attention to this and regularly check back to see if any changes have been made.